Статья об открытии выставки "Пересекающиеся параллели" художников из Белоруси

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Газета "Дэйли Ньюс" от 19 января 2019 года. Автор статьи: Мэри Рамазани

By Mary Ramadhani


Beautiful and exotic paintings were at a spectacle on Friday at the Russian Cen­tre for Science and Culture in Dar es Salaam (RCSC).

A fresh painting of Kisutu Street done by Vasil Peshkun, few hours before the exhibi­tion was placed as a center­piece of the show.

Themed ‘interesting par­allels’ the exhibition centered three artists including – Anna Silivonchik, Maria Peshkun and Vasil Peshkun. Silivon­chik stated that the paintings on display have been done within this and last year.

Adding that, “I have drawn the paintings with all my heart and soul hoping that it is shown in the paintings.”

On the other hand, Pesh­kun said that her paintings express what she sees in life from what scares her or makes her happy. She always put her thoughts into draw­ings, especially on anything that surrounds her.

She started drawing and painting since her childhood, and with time she joined Art College and became a profes­sional artist.

Arriving here on the ninth of this month, Peshkun said that, “Before I came to Af­rica, I had my own idea of what I thought it looked like and it included birds flying everywhere, monkeys jump­ing from tree to tree. To my amusement and great surprise Tanzania is a beautiful land.” Adding that, “We have not had a chance to tour around the city but we like what we have seen so far.”

An art lover and the guest at the exhibition Ernest Mtaya said that he found the paint­ings appealing and were able to portray it using vibrant colours making the paintings perfect.

Mtaya who is an artist and art teacher for children from a group known as Dar Art Youth based in Dar es Sa­laam, added that the exhibi­tion included works that were abstract and landscape type of paintings.

“Abstract in the sense that the painting that does not show reality, artist is free to paint however she sees fit, like portraying a person in two different colours, with an eye on one side with the other positioned elsewhere,” he ex­plained.

Adding, “Such works could be seen in paintings done by Pablo Picasso.” All this is a way of saying that paintings are not photographs, they give better expressions, he emphasised.

Mtaya further stated that, “I teach children the basic guidelines of paintings, while connecting art with what they learn from school.”

He said when a child writes the letter or number and then draws a picture from it, it is easier for them to memorise and get accustomed to what they learn in school.

Explaining on what art is, he said that from designs, styles and colours of clothes one puts on to the shoes, house, car, accessories to ma­chines, everything requires an artistic element for it to be. On the other hand, Mtaya said that he prefers sketching hu­man figures in his paintings.

“I like to reveal my thoughts and challenges on different issues and what I be­lieve through my paintings,” he stated.